FC Sofia

BLING BANG! And here’s our life-style digested and re-worked with the astonishing guilelessness and fervour of the works of FC SOFIA, alias Frédéric and Catherine SOFIA.
This couple of artists dresses a quirky portrait of our insatiable appetites, interrogating us on the symbols produced by a consumerism become cult.  
A telescoping of contemporary mythologies, misappropriation of identity, war-games, ultra-materialist alienation…But, careful : it is not a matter of giving way to aggressive demonstration but of reappropriating the icons that people our environment the better to sacralize them, and humorously so!

Far from rallying to any old artistic movement, their discourse is situated at the crossroads between Pop Art and the Nouveaux Réalistes. Like the latter, they use objects lifted from the reality of their time, and do so thanks to a new and hyperactive tool : Internet, veritable global supermarket of the raw material for their works. Then comes the choice of the various industrial materials (aluminium, resin, plastic…) with which to realize their creations.
Like Djs sampling from original music, FC SOFIA act as artists who take hold of the symbols of a globalized culture to then transform and customize them, creating a union of both art and symbol.
Fetishistic objects such as school-girl’s knickers are presented like trophies on a pedestal or accumulated as in a veritable collection. They devote themselves to presenting works that are in direct reference to the myths of consumerism, luxury and fashion, then playing on form and void the better to express the alienation provoked by accumulation at all cost.  
In the series of masks, built like roadsters, rabbits, teddy-bears, or again star mice- the domesticated heroes of our childhood – are magnified in sophisticated paintings reminiscent of the worlds of street rods and lowriders. Sometimes added in are colored hair extensions, yet more tools of a customization that accentuates the impression of an improbable encounter between the world of fashion, tribal idolatry and the universe of toys.
For if there is a form of artistic remix that FC SOFIA uses and abuses it is indeed that of provoking a collision of paradoxes. When a weapon of war is neutralized by a camouflage pattern of a lace of Kawaï stickers ; when the jellyfish that invade the Mediterranean beaches are made up at the same time of hundreds of smalll gadgets and military helmets or when, again, the « Miss War » missile is strangely evocative of a cosmetic product.
The war of aesthetics on violence has begun!

Portrait of FC Sofia