Gérard Rancinan

Rancinan Art focuses on the world’s most important issues and his artwork exhibited in the world most prestigious gallery and art museum

Born in Talence, south-west France near Bordeaux region, Gérard Rancinan started his career at the Sygma press agency of which he became one of the leading lights. During his time with the agency he travelled the globe, bearing first hand witness to events of historical importance. Covering natural catastrophes, civil and ethnic wars, and urban riots. Reserving himself the right to focus on the world’s most important issues, he delivers startling images, art filtered through an ever-evolving aesthetic prism of art. Constantly breaking down barriers, he is, by turn, a photographer working on communication campaigns, and an investigator deconstructing the great sagas of contemporary life for the international portrait press for which his photographs of athletes, artists, and Gerard artwork exhibited in the world’s most prestigious gallery and art museum

Rancinan art was exposed at the art museum.

His images have earned him a number of prizes, including four prestigious World Press Awards. Following his domain of predilection, in a “journey to the heart of man” he becomes the wakeful observer of his contemporaries. This marginal perspective involves real miss’s en scène, veritable simulacra of the world in which we live. Internationally renowned, Gérard Rancinan’s art work is exhibited in the world’s most prestigious gallery and art museum and features in the most important contemporary art collections.

Portrait of Gérard Rancinan