Ye Hongxing

Born in 1972, Ye Hongxing has become one of the most exciting rising stars of the Chinese contemporary art scene.

Ye Hongxing obtained her Master’s Degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (arguably China’s top art academy) in 1998.

Between 2003 and 2005, Ye’s work was exhibited at a few galleries throughout China, as well as the Chongqing Art Museum and the Nanjing Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2004, Ye Hongxing participated in her first international art exhibition at the 7th Annual Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations in Venice, Italy. The next year, Ye Hongxing’s work was exhibited in Taiwan at Art Taipei 2005.

In 2006, Ye Hongxing was selected as one of China’s top 20 emerging painters at the Dragonair Emerging Chinese Artist Awards. The selection committee included the Director of Art Cologne, the Curator of the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, the Director of the Stuttgart Museum of Art in Germany, the Co-Founder and Co-Editor in Chief of Beaux-Arts Magazine (France’s top art magazine) and the Executive Director of the Shanghai Art Museum, amoung others.

In 2007 and 2008, Ye Hongxing’s works were exhibited in Europe for the first time at the Art Cologne, the earliest established and still one of the most important art expositions in the world. Ye’s work was also shown for the first time in the USA in Miami at Reed Savage Gallery in 2007 and in New York at “Chinese Contemporary Art Comes to New York” at Art Scene New York.

Portrait of Ye Hongxing