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Title :

One Day in 2004 No.1

Artist :

Cui Xiuwen

Dimensions : 120 x 120 cm
47.2 x 47.2 in
Technique :
  • Photography
  • C-Print
Edition of : 8
Year : 2004
Description :

This pieve is part of the Existential Emptiness series

I always feel that I am formed by several different alter ego. My existence transforms according to different times and dimensions.

Each of them lives on their owns, but each is still self-contented.

This implies division on the realistic level, but I don’t think it is, or you can say it is uncertain, maybe the human condition is in an indefinite status because of their real existence: some aspects can be seen by eyes, but some can only be relied on feeling or intuition in different level of consciousness.

This series of work is completed in these different conditions of me.

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