Hanneke Giezen

Hanneke Giezen does things differently, she takes into account only the boundaries of her own taste. For her beauty must be foolish, balancing idiosyncratically on the edge of the acceptable.
Only then can she fall in love with it, and can she ask what we think of it: do we dare tot think that what she makes is beautiful? If we try to answer that question, we are immediately in the territory of what we call ‘taste’ the sum total of conventions, tied to time, place culture and caste.

Hanneke Giezen’s works are about taste, good and bad, and therefore also about culture as an instrument of inclusion. At the same time, she wants to transcend that discourse.
Ultimately, ‘taste’ is too relative to make too much of a fuss about it. She would rather that we approach her objects light-heartedly, and discover that they are comic,tragic and touching. These are ceramics to love , if you dare.

Portrait of Hanneke Giezen