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Title :


Artist :

Joseph Klibansky

Dimensions : 180 x 105 cm
70.9 x 41.3 in
Other sizes : Yes
Technique :
  • Mixed media / photographic
  • mounted on aluminum
  • finished with high gloss resin
Edition of : 7
Year : 2009
Description :

Klibansky’s artwork ‘Heaven’ is, among other things, a symbolic roadmap that reminds us of life’s most important lessons. At a first glance, the artist tends to mix what appear to be merely pretty elements, with strong symbolic gestures that engage the viewer in a reflective dialog with themselves and their lives.

The voile covering the female’s eyes depicted in this artwork is a symbol that conveys the pure, non-judgmental nature of the human, before it is exposed to the outside world of (digital) mass media, e.g., magazines, and most importantly other human beings. A strong depiction of true freedom, regardless of shape, size or race.

The explorative viewer’s eye will notice that the beautiful female portrayed in the artwork is wearing a chain and padlock around here waist. A lock always sends a strong message, one of a permanent nature that grounds us to our heritage, a location or person that we may never forget. Positioned in the midst of rough steel, the unfinished construction site hints to life that we stand in the middle of, it is unfinished until we reach the end, embodied by the skyline of (completed) buildings that lies ahead of us.

It becomes noticeably evident that there is a parallel world that we live in; on the one side our true free souls try (and are taught) to see everyone we encounter as equal, but on the other hand it is in our nature to try to mold our encounters to something we could benefit from, even if its only so slightly. There is, and always will be, a strong tension between the Voile and the Lock.

The brightly colored butterfly’s effortlessly floating through the space recall the feeling of celebration: the celebration of life, female beauty and the changes we go through in our exciting journey we call life. She asks us to accept the changes in our lives as casually as she does. The butterfly unquestioningly embraces the changes of her environment and her body.

This unwavering acceptance of her metamorphosis is also symbolic of faith. Here the butterfly reminds us to keep our faith as we undergo transitions in our lives.

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