Louis-Daniel Klibansky

Artist's Statement for the series 'My Soul In Flowers'

The series 'My Soul In Flowers' reflects the state of the soul in a given moment in time through flowers. Throughout the history of humanity, spanning all races, continents and religions of the world, flowers have played an integral part in reflection human emotion in symbolising a wide range of signifying events in life and states of mind, from birth to death, happyness to sadness and everything in between.

This series reflects different states of the soul through florishing flowers, meticiously cut out and positioned in a circular pattern that resembles the soul, gliding around a center piece flower, that resebles the heart. The pattern seems to be a perfectly symetric, near kaleidoscopic, image but at a closer look one will notice, like in all of the most beautiful things in life, its inperfections.

The techniques used are high resolution photography, digitally manipulated and colored and digitally silkscreend on a circular, hand routed plexiglass mirror; laminated on wooden board; edges hand painted; mounted in a custom made wooden CNC'd, spray painted frame, from one piece.

Portrait of Louis-Daniel Klibansky