Olivier Valsecchi

As a way to translate his emotions, Olivier Valsecchi uses others’ bodies to convey his trance and compose pictures that he qualifies self-portraits, although he doesn’t appear on the photos.

The Dust series tells about incarnation, the very moment between nothingness and existence. It was inspired in the definition introduced by Ovid about Chaos described as confused masses (light and dark, order and disorder, liquid and fog, fall and flight, torment and frenzy) giving life to items that contain it.

These hanging bodies bursting out (of themselves ?) could be both humans or ghosts floating in an oniric atmosphere - a dark, emotional atmosphere that reminds of the Renaissance painting-, playing fictitious encounters between the beginning and the end, explosion and silence, rage and soothing, running and retreat.

Olivier Valsecchi was born in 1979 in Paris and have been taking his own approach to Photography for more than ten years before entering a photographic school and complete his technique.

His work was published in many magazines such as Eyemazing, Azartphoto, Philosophie magazine, Photo and was exhibited at the Promenades photographiques de Vendôme (summer 2010), Festival Manifesto (september 2010), Galerie Fokus in Graz, Austria (december-january 2010), FEPN in Arles (May2011).






PRESS (selected)


2011 ZOOM #103 (Italy)

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2011 EMPTY #20 (Australia)

2011 BLINK #3 (Korea)

2011 LE FIGARO BEAUX-ARTS hors-série le guide du marché de l’art (France)

2011 REPONSES PHOTO #230 (France)


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2010 EYEMAZING SPRING ISSUE (The Netherlands) text by Sarah Baxter

2010 AZARTPHOTO #8 (France)

2010 KULT MAG (Italy)

2010 PHOTO #470 (France)

2010 LE MONDE 26/02/2010 supplément Le Monde des Livres (France)

2010 LADOS #14 (Spain) Interview

2010 AZARTPHOTO #7 (France) text by Sophie Tomte

2010 LET’S MOTIV #118 (France)

2009 PREF #35 (France) Interview



WEB (selected)


2010 ART NOUVEAU artist of the week (US)

2010 500 PHOTOGRAPHERS photographer #33

2010 PDN photo of the week (New York)

2010 IDEAFIXA #17 (Brazil) Interview

2010 ART MAGAZIN / AKT (Germany) Interview

2010 BANG ART (Italy)




2011 PHOTOGRAPHY AND SCULPTURE, ART GALLERY 826, curated by Doinel Gallery, Knokke (Belgium)

2011 FESTIVAL REGARDS PHOTOGRAPHIE, Villeneuve de la Rivière (France)

2011 FOTOGRAFIAEUROPEA FESTIVAL, "Le Voyage Initiatique" curated by Alice Mazzini, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

2011 FESTIVAL EUROPEEN DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE NU, Chapelle Sainte-Anne, Arles (France)

2010 GALERIE FOKUS, Graz (Austria)

2010 FESTIVAL MANIFESTO - Galerie Photon & Port Viguerie, Toulouse (France)

2010 PROMENADES PHOTOGRAPHIQUES DE VENDÔME - Parc du Château, Vendôme (France)

Portrait of Olivier Valsecchi