Richard Orlinski

Richard Orlinski is a French sculptorer born in Paris in 1966. He explores sculpture using industrial materials with references to pop art, a love lent that nourished his youth and has been nourishing his work from then on. His predilection's materials are resin and aluminum associated to a foundry process. After studying art at the Ecole d’Arts Plastiques de Neuilly sur Seine, he discovered a new generation of artists such as Jeff Koons, Richard Prince and Takashi Murakami; free and without complex, with whom he could identify through creation. Developing his art free of any convention, Richard Orlinski emphasizes to produce an art of his time. He is one of these artists who developed a concept mixing industrial materials and social concerns while questioning codes of mass culture. Following the logic of de-mutiplication and repeating objects, denounces the serial production process in the cultural industry.

From domestic, creative or monumental objects, he made his mark by his pieces of art with a strong visual impact underlining the question of perception. We can see our reflection in his sculptures with smooth and shiny surfaces. While looking at the pieces of art, we are looking at ourselves in the crocodiles skin. In reversing roles, the spectator is the one becoming a potential attacker, the narcissistic one looking for his own reflection, at the expense of the sculpture itself. His creative works of art awaken the senses and bring a fresh breath on the contemporary art realm.

Portrait of Richard Orlinski