Youngest Top Artist Joseph Klibansky designs album cover #1 DJ of the World Armin van Buuren

monday september 12, 2011

Youngest top artist of The Netherlands Joseph Klibansky designs cover for album #1 DJ of the world: Armin van Buuren

AMSTERDAM, Friday september 9th 2011 - After world famous artists as Andy Warhol (for Rolling Stones), Takashi Murakami (for Kanye West) and Damien Hirst (for Red Hot Chilli Peppers) now the young Dutch new media artist Joseph Klibansky (27) designed the cover for the new album of the #1 DJ of the world: Armin van Buuren.

Armin asked Joseph to design a unique artwork for chapter 5 of his famous album Universal Religion (UR).

‘The moment you listen to your voicemail and hear ‘hi it’s Armin van Buuren’  you definitely get an extra boost of energy through your body. Immediately I was extremely enthusiastic about this collaboration because I often listen to Armin’s music while creating my artworks. So I just knew we would have a great vibe together’, says Joseph

The cover clearly shows Klibansky’s signature ‘new urban wonderland’ style with positive dynamics, utopian cityscapes and with a nostalgic link to the future, however, all combined with the philosophy behind ‘Universal Religion’.
‘For me this was an exceptional project to be a part of, mainly because the past UR covers hint to the past and my work always hints to the future. And that’s why I also think it’s a progressive thought of Armin to ask me for this collaboration and above all to give me Carte Blanche’, says Joseph.

On the cover we see what looks like an astronaut with a futuristic knight armor, within his one hand holding up a pair of headphones and in the other hand a sword stuck into the ground. At first glance the setting of the artwork looks to be an utopian landscape with a castle in the background, but if you look closer it seems as if the whole scene could be in space.

‘The artwork symbolizes that this is a time for brotherhood and love instead of strife and conflict. Music brings people from different backgrounds together and let’s you forget differences and backgrounds for that moment’, says Joseph.

Next to the cover, a poster and a signed limited edition poster will be released. The cover itself is a close-up of a new artwork Klibansky will add to his famous new urban wonderland series.

‘Normally my art collectors enjoy my art in private and the great thing about this collaboration is that now my work can be seen by a worldwide audience of millions’, says Joseph.

Recently, Klibansky has been in the media a lot because of his world record in the modern and contemporary art auction at Sotheby's. Never before has an artist of his age had such a high auction result (€ 34.350, -).

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Youngest Top Artist Joseph Klibansky designs album cover #1 DJ of the World Armin van Buuren Youngest Top Artist Joseph Klibansky designs album cover #1 DJ of the World Armin van Buuren
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