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Titre :

Neon Jungle

Artiste :

Joseph Klibansky

Dimensions : 123 x 123 x 5 cm
48.4 x 48.4 x 2 in
Autres tailles : Yes
Technique :
  • Photography
  • Acrylic paint
  • Fluorescent Inks
Edition de : 7
Année : 2014
Description :

Neon Jungle is one of Klibansky's latest digital paintings.

It is a continuation of his New Urban Jungle theme that forms a thread throughout his career since 2008.

As Klibansky puts it "I started my journey as a young, wide eyed and maybe naive artist on a quest to discover and portrait the dynamics off 21st century life, I find myself constantly evolving and wanting to capture these changes in my work"

Neon Jungle is Klibansky's first venture into circular work.

"For me the circular shape really ads to the story of this painting, it stands for a constant wheel of motion that people go through, for bad or for worse, the world keeps on turning"

Viewers might notice a similarity to his 2010 artwork "High Flyers" that is also part of this series.

The humming birds are klibansky's metaphor for the high pace of modern day urban existence. The bright fluorescent colors create a utopian dreamy atmosphere that help klibansky tell his story of a bright future ahead.

"Being a hyper-positivist I always find myself trying to pull straight the balance of al the negative news people get bombarded with, I want to show there is hope for everyone, no matter their situation"

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