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Titre :

Doggy John No Gain

Artiste :

Julien Marinetti

Technique :
  • Acrylic
  • laquer
Année : 2009
Description :

Who is Doggy John ?

Seated on his hind legs, Doggy John is majestically standing up, he is contemplating his century and peers with sharp-eyed. In our era of mix and remix, of remakes and ready-mades, of fast-fooding and zapping, the XXIst century is, without any doubt, the time of swiftness and supra consumption, Doggy John is the new medium.

Thanks to the bronze technical, well-contained in the way of the classical Wises, Doggy John is ilnaterable. The artist Giuliano Marinetti declines the noble metal under a new form. He invents, in combining lacquer technical and paintings, get out from industrials, an eternal trap for collages, paintings and pictures. Doggy John is a dual artwork, work in the work, where the finished bronze sculpture is placing side by side with the protean painting : Giuliano Marinetti is talking about a DUAL CONSTITUTION.

As a copy of his master, Doggy John recreates his time and his history to adapt it, sometimes as a tribute, sometimes critical, sometimes a wink.

Thus, the cycle titled "Herald Tribune" spotlights with irony the concertinaing events, with its "hiatus" and discrepancy. The cycle "Japan" confronts the social japanese starkness with their riotous outlet.

With the cycle "Pop Art", Giuliano Marinetti interprets the art history with humour and appreciation. He decided to do it through the unrehearsed hijack of the greatests master's artworks like Andy Warhol or Jean-Michel Basquiat. This while the cycle "Jazz" shows melancholy and joy feelings through an affecting tribute to the great names of jazz history.

Doggy John is the reflection of his century. Century of Internet and "new media", century where we believe and we want to see everything, to know everything, faster and faster. In a wink of an eye, Doggy John absorbs our society snapshots as a sponge. Volontarily created in bronze, a material which survive to the time scathe, Doggy John is today a one-shot chameleon witness, and will give tomorrow an outstanding evidence about our time.

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