Press Release - Kriki - Ritual

Rize Gallery Amsterdam is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition by Parisian artist Kriki, entitled Ritual. The exhibition is Kriki's second at Rize Gallery, following his 2011 exhibition, and will be on view at the gallery from March 8 – March 31, 2015. An opening reception will be held on Sunday March 8 from 3-5 PM.

- Kriki born in 1965, lives and works in Paris -

With the street, the stencil art, and the Underground as his art school, the French sculptor artist and painter Kriki is in his early years involved in the beginnings of the so-called Street Art. This was before the art world had ever heard of Banksy. Kriki’s current work can be described as an incredible iconographic mixture, which displays the originality and ambition of his painting as a bridge between subculture and high culture. Indeed, the artist manages to transform modernist architecture, African masks and iconography from art historical and pop cultural sources in colourful and surprising images.

The exhibition ‘Ritual’ shows some recurring characters as Bwaba the leaf man, Bobo the fibre man or the Songyé Pompadour and the Breakers, without to forget the android Topo and the most famous character in Kriki’s work : the Fuzz.

From the beginning, Kriki uses this half-robot, half polymorphous fetish as a virus, infecting the history of art as well as an affixing trademark. According to Kriki, most of the paintings of the exhibition ‘Ritual’ show some spaces of home life that are highly connected. The presences of cables, which run through the interiors, symbolize the connective and pictorial of Kriki’s world, meeting a universal language.

On a young age Kriki won himself a position in the international art world. At the age of 23, Kriki had already his first solo exhibition at FIAC in Paris and during the following years his work became part of important and prestigious public and private collections. Kriki participates in many Contemporary Art Fairs all over the world. His work belongs to the generation whose sensibility expresses itself in the French movement ‘the Figuration Libre’, which he helped to renew.

Press Release - Kriki - Ritual
March 2, 2015 |